Incoa Performance Minerals LLC, a Utah-based mineral processing and distribution company is interested in doing business at the Port of Pensacola. Although there is concern that the company may not be compatible with what is currently happening in Downtown Pensacola.

The company will import raw material for calcium carbonate, usually limestone, from the Dominican Republic and process it for distribution. Calcium carbonate, an inert, naturally occurring, chalk-like material is used in the manufacture of antacids, food additives, adhesives and many other products.

The lease that has been proposed is for a term of 10 years with a possible 10-year extension. It would require Incoa to create at least 77 full-time jobs within the first five years of the lease. The agreement would bring an initial $40 million investment to the Port of Pensacola as well.

It would include 4.5 to 6.5 acres of unimproved land, which will cost Incoa approximately $70,000-$99,000 a year. The company’s presence will also likely generate around $80,000 in wharfage fees associated with cargo, security and vessel services.

At full build out Incoa is looking at having a truck leaving every twenty minutes and about twelve railcars per day. To begin with it they would have seven trucks leaving daily and about three rail cars. Dust is another concern, but Incoa CEO Steve Creamer said the whole facility would be sealed to ensure the dust would not escape.

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I will bring a new level of citizen engagement to City Hall during my four years in office and will develop a road map for future elected officials to follow.

It’s time we become completely transparent and include the citizens of Pensacola in the decision-making process. It’s simple, the citizens should have some powers over the decisions that affect their lives.

When I get to City Hall my vote will be solely based on the feedback I receive from the community and I don’t just mean my circle or the ones who scream louder than everyone else.

Most people don’t have time to attend City Council, County Commission, or town hall meetings, so it’s our job as elected officials to find a way to hear their voice. I will use my digital marketing experience and resources to gather info from everyone. I have the staff and tools already in place to do so, it won’t cost taxpayers a penny!

– Captain Chris Phillips